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The small greens in food market even 3.5 yuan / jin?

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Net of Chinese gardens flowers and trees 2008-7-8 number information: Although had given a plum two days, the small greens in food market or ask a price 3.5 yuan / jin. In boreal scene garden the free market of agricultural products sells small greens forest the boss discloses, of small greens appear on the market the amount is not large still, this price estimation lasts even a week left and right sides.
Fine smalls piece of land surrounded by water vegetable develops piece of manager of limited company to express to approbate to this: "Suffer strong rainfall of plum monsoon section to affect, the supply of food of this locality leaf that is a delegate with small greens is little. After weather improves, vegetable grower can do Xie Cai, but the cycle with their growth and crop certain need. "Piece manager estimation, if weather lasts all the time if the fine is good, the price of small greens is met after half month somewhat fall after a rise.
Dish of this locality leaf returns to normal after supplying, bring very big market compete to ab extra and vegetable meeting, their price when arriving also is met normal fall after a rise, the food basket of common people can be carried a bit more easily.

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