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Urban park afforest chooses to what the tree plants

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Information of number of 2008-8-10 of net of Chinese gardens flowers and trees: Build rapid development in the city today, each are big the city regards urban forest afforest as outstanding project and major project, a lot of urban forest afforest and gardens flowers and plants are young, each have distinguishing feature. The choice respect that plants in the tree nevertheless also has respective characteristic.
The tree of grow of optional in hospital and sanatorium choose is planted have Song Bai kind, chinese littleleaf box of great part of a historical period, silk tree, locust, an Yulan, sweet-scented osmanthus, these cultivate kind of excretive volatile material has more powerful antiseptic effect.
In pollution heavier plant area, the differs to choose appliance to have different and alexipharmic function respectively tree that can be aimed at the harmful material in its air is planted, already reduced the content of harmful material in air. Be like tree of heaven, locust, jujube, rose, acacia, chinese pine, oriental arborvitae have stronger absorption the ability of SO2; Hawkthorn, black horn, shiny leafed yellowhorn, deciduous leaf pine is to suck the tree with chlorine stronger capability to plant. The tree with high volume suction lead plants have: Mulberry, elm.
In noise the tree with sound insulation effect can be chosen better in larger plant area is planted, be like cedar, long Bai, metasequoia, chinese parasol, weeping willow, dragon spruce, in order to reduce the noise harm to human body.
Be in the school, nursery school, can choose a few view and admire the tree with strong sex to plant, if concept is dry, view leaf, view is beautiful, view fruiter is planted and plant of a few color, in order to foster the child's observation and imagination, in these the place should avoid to use those who take thorn to reach the tree that secretes harmful substance to plant as far as possible, happen in case beyond.
The city undertakes gardens afforest, the environment of the life that its purpose creates happiness and green for people namely, job and study, produce better zoology beneficial result namely. Because this is in,do well the configuration that plant tree plants works, should produce the effect that the tree plants, so that better serve for people.
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