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Prospect of edible flowers market is valued

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Information of number of 2008-8-17 of net of Chinese gardens flowers and trees: In recent years, development of estate of our country flowers is swift and violent, flowers variety is very rich, this laid solid foundation to develop edible painting of flowers and plants in traditional Chinese style, but edible flowers development still is existing a lot of scotoma, should try to solve.

One: Be edible flowers cultivate dimensions lesser. Edible flowers hoard as a rare commodity, still belong to high-grade food, in the market price is strange tall, sell mostly toward high-grade hotel, the price is accepted very hard by average consumer. In cultivate a domain, edible flowers still belongs to an unexpected winner at present, cropper is afraid: If sell,do not go out, those who do is to sustain losses in business the business. Additional, the industrialization of edible flowers is developed, need has nutrient value, yield tall high grade kind the seedling does safeguard. Lack edible flowers at present special breed, edible flowers is planted the enlarge numerous rate of the seedling is not high, these block up the dimensions of flowers turns production.

2: Be those who lack value of pair of edible flowers nutrition quantify an analysis. A lot of people had eaten dandelion, day lily to wait, experience often has taken comer from famine time oneself, but after all what flowers can be fed? The which place of flowers can be fed? Specific go to each to you can be fed what microelement to contain in flowers? Function of what health care is there? A lot of people said to not be clear about. Somebody is to think more, having a flower is behavior of a kind of adventure, in case eat toxic how to do? Those who lack value of pair of edible flowers nutrition an obstacle that quantifying an analysis is promotion of influence edible flowers, expert of division of very rare nutrition, health care does scientific analysis to edible flowers, go recommending the painting of flowers and plants in traditional Chinese style that a few have function of nutrient health care even.

3: Be edible flowers last the problem did not get very good solve. Edible flowers and vegetable fruit are same, fresh it is one of important levels that measure its quality. Major edible flowers originates in a country, and the market of the biggest spending of edible flowers is in the city, flowers cannot realize whole on the spot consumption of picked, on the spot. Flowers the more fresh, its nutrition composition is withheld morer, if flowers passes stoving, air to bask in, its nutrition value is easy prediction of a person's luck in a given year. If edible is fresh flowers, its significant nutrition part is absorbed more easily by human body, sanitarian effect will be better. Because edible flowers has not form an industry, the flower lasts the problem did not get very good settlement all the time.

Current, our country can have flower of flower of wintersweet, chrysanthemum, rose, lily, jasmine, lotus, clove, sweet-scented osmanthus, Mu Jin, gardenia, honeysuckle, Chinese flowering crabapple to wait for the flowers of edible 100 a variety of. Be in our country, flowers edible is having medicine of deep doctor of traditional Chinese medicine to learn setting. For instance lily has embellish lung to relieve a cough, Qing Xinan's magical effect, honeysuckle has the effect of clear hot detoxify, edible cacti has diuresis effect, remedial nephritis, diabetic etc have very good auxiliary curative effect. These characteristics make flowers makes good health food.
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