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The market prospect of modelling nursery stock is analysed

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Information of number of 2008-8-19 of net of Chinese gardens flowers and trees: As in recent years people is opposite urban afforest of gardens landscape diversity long for, the application of modelling nursery stock in gardens afforest is increasingly wide also, the market is rising increasingly to the demand of modelling nursery stock. Market demand makes the new window that modelling nursery stock develops, the nursery stock company that a few have actual strength begins to deliver the view produce to modelling nursery stock, already made a kind of when nursery stock industry grows new trend.

To increase the economic value of nursery stock further, a lot of nursery field that have technical actual strength still fluctuate in modelling kongfu, through having clip model to the nursery stock of big norms, make the price twice of nursery stock increases. Be like the Long Bai with one 2.5 meters expensive individual plant, average price is 75 yuan, 800 yuan can sell after machining stratification tower / individual plant; Treatment Cheng Panlong be as high as 1600 yuan / individual plant, and market price case still is in climb ceaselessly litre, market prospect is relatively capacious. The nursery that is engaged in this respect production at present is not very much, and because rectify model, finalize the design the time with proper need and technology, appear very hard in the market for a short while so many modelling nursery stock, short-term inside won't appear intense competition.

The reason that grows modelling nursery stock is very simple, it is market demand big. Modelling nursery stock basically uses at villatic, court and project of high-grade gardens afforest build scene, consumer comes from and other places of Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Fujian, Guangdong, in last few years sales volume is good all the time, and demand year after year increases. 2 it is profit considerable. The artistic quality of modelling nursery stock raised the additional cost of nursery stock, and because rectify model, finalize the design the time with proper need and technology, short-term inside won't appear ultra market competes, the market is tight spruce, accordingly the businessman gains profit quite abundant.

Nursery stock of color page modelling abounded the colour of gardens landscape not only, still reflect a strong formal aesthetic feeling and visual impact, let people feel the double aesthetic feeling of the colour of gardens and configuration very intuitionisticly. It has thrust to entering gardens afforest to " mutiple level colour is changed " development. As the ceaseless development of urban afforest, people is changed to colour, the demand of beautification also rises increasingly, modelling nursery stock especially nursery stock of color page modelling can be become necessarily henceforth of urban park afforest and industry of gardens nursery stock popular plant.
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