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Prospect of herbaceous flowers market is capacious

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Information of number of 2008-8-17 of net of Chinese gardens flowers and trees: As people living standard rise ceaselessly, the country changes the job to take seriously increasingly to urban afforest beauty, flowers already walked into an innumberable families sadly. Annual spend a seed to grow in afforest process with its with biennial grass cycle weak point, get effective fast, colour is rich, progenitive coefficient is big, cultivate easily and afforest cost is lower the characteristic is accepted extensively by people place, the demand year after year of herbaceous flowers increases. According to statistic, our country flowers produced an area 1996 78 thousand Hm2, production value 4.8 billion yuan, consumptive seed, kind ball 200 million yuan. Among them the flowers seed of 90 % , kind the ball is imported from abroad, the flowers seed nursery stock that home produces occupies the 10 % of demand only. Total production value of our country flowers amounted to 8 billion yuan 2000, the flowers seed that consumes 400 million yuan, kind ball. Apply as our country 2008 the success of the Olympic Games, will lift the climax of Olympic Games of a green around the country, gardens afforest job will have a wide perspective, herbaceous flowers is sure to get applied extensively, flowers seed, kind the ball is having wide market perspective in home. Predict prospect of market of in a few years of henceforth herbaceous flowers is capacious.
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