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Cropland of green oil gas founds environmental protection resource of green

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Information of number of 2008-8-21 of net of Chinese gardens flowers and trees: A few days ago, company of Xinjiang oil field is accurate east Ling of the Song Dynasty of workingwoman of station of couplet of fire of oil extraction factory and make with station sister " harmonious station library " cross-stitch causes sensation in entire plant. Song Fang says the worker that works in oil field a gleam of all the year round: "' establish activity of field of green oil gas ' appearance letting a station also looks brand-new, the colleague gets along this person and natural harmony took a picture, sisters are discussing to come out beautiful scenery embroider, much better ah... "

Accurate east oil extraction factory is located in below day pool foot, be subordinate to belongs to company of Xinjiang oil field. Go up oneself since 80 time develop the century, managing hill of baked wheaten cake, Sha Na, north oil gas cropland waits in stage and 3 stage, 3 colour, crop maintains several years continuously in 700 thousand tons of above, place administer is accurate east area exploration area is vast kilometer of about 30 thousand square. Oily area landforms is saline alkaline desert mostly, afforest difficulty is great, natural condition is poor, after vegetation and environment are destroyed restore very hard.

It is a center with economic benefits for years, accelerate produce firmly also make this factory resembles other company same, owe on environmental protection " historical old Zhang " . After appearance is extracting, oily area naturally is caused destroy, upper pothole does not have seasonable processing, manufacturing facilities is put messy, exercise caused smeary be born, also affected vegetation grow.

Company of Xinjiang oil field is begun since August 2007 complete member " found cropland of green oil gas " activity, good to begin establish activity of field of green oil gas, accurate east oil extraction factory undertook perfecting to the each regulations system of environmental protection, build system of standard of perfect environmental protection, obligation of youth of cadre of constituent Party member, member works, unite establishment of normative oil field, deal with in time oil field litter, restore oil field landforms in the round. Come true on exploration development fountainhead " 4 not " , namely field station establishment does not take a inch of land more, temporarily construction does not disturb more development of a inch of land, exploration does not produce production of redundant litter, oil field not to produce contamination accident, build " found cropland of green oil gas " lasting effect mechanism.

Below blue sky white cloud, the level off of cleanness of oily area landforms nowadays, summer, gong Liu sways strange looks, wintry day, the wild animal such as Mongolian gazelle, Asiatic wild ass plays beside well station, become the beautiful scenery that case decides in worker hand. The Mongolian gazelle on that cross-stitch, some looks for grass on snow ground, some admires neck leisurely, as if drawing neck chant: Beautiful oily area, my home...
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