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The farmer becomes rich of Chinese herbal medicine reasonable cultivate

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Information of number of 2008-8-21 of net of Chinese gardens flowers and trees: This year is ice calamity is the flood, our loss is very big. The expert of Chinese herbal medicine of wholesome hall is fortunately directive us creat and corn interplanting. Receive corn now, creat also grows. Listen to an expert to say, creat can have crop this year in November. The loss that glacial calamity and flood cause this year always is fill came back! " a surnames land villager of village of mountain area of screen of Long An county Home Liu says.

At present installs village of prefectural screen mountain area Home Liu in grand, even piece the golden corn in corn ground has not plucked end, already appeared below withered and yellow corn pole tender give birth to unripe green young plant, that is creat. This is sanitation of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region the take another reseed step after hall nods grand to install prefectural screen mountain area to suffer glacial disaster to helping deficient up. Municipal sanitation hall accepted grand to bring prefectural screen mountain area 2007 since Liu Jiacun helps deficient up this to nod, divide 9 batches early or late in all the survey that 100 much person-time undertakes helping deficient up working to Liu Jiacun, have industrial structural adjustment, constituent villager begins a winter to plant avoid the technology such as agrarian potato, super paddy to groom, grew super rice December 2008 100 mus, grafting reforms Chinese chestnut cultivates 50 mus. Serious freezing disaster can be sufferred at the beginning of 2008, farmer loss is severe.

Municipal sanitation hall combines this village to get aspic calamity case, make the best use of the circumstances, seasonable investment 10. 30 thousand yuan of science carry out stereo cultivate Chinese herbal medicine " 5214 " rich laborer Cheng: Cultivate honeysuckle of 50 thousand individual plant namely, in the interplanting in corn ground 200 mus of creat, in Chinese chestnut Lin Zhong cultivates 100 mus of hoisting jack to unplug, in the interplanting in honeysuckle ground the material of Chinese herbal medicine such as 40 mus of Tian Dong, make full use of land, solve the real problem with much little ground of person of Home Liu village, by cultivate in those days be harvested in those days or cultivate in those days second year the method such as results, strive to make Liu Jiacun realizes deficient to become rich inside 3 years.

According to Guangxi the expert of officinal arboretum introduces, creat can be harvested this year in November, the beginning of the year already was planted the honeysuckle of more than 50000 individual plant below has 84 % to already survived come down, can blossom next year picked, still hoisting jack unplugs, Tian Dong, can make Liu Jiacun is added every year receive 10 thousand yuan at least about a hundred.

Since affirmatory Liu Jiacun after for municipal sanitation hall decides bit of village that help deficient up the 2nd batch, up to now municipal sanitation hall has been here accumulative total holds lecture of technology of of all kinds country, Chinese herbal medicine to cultivate a technology to groom the class is amounted to 8 times (period) , recieve training Party member, masses 1200 much person-time. Divide an organization 2 times village cadre and become rich be the first door to Long Lin prefectural fork is pressed down loyally Gu Ling of county of village, Ma Shan presses down Gu Ling village study grows honeysuckle technology. Raise money 150 thousand yuan of capital, for Long An county 133 administrative village is reached " farmhouse classroom " central door offers 500 " 100 villages 100 article " video grooms teaching material.
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