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Wen Zhou: Miao Nong is fraught in slow-moving hill of nursery stock of 50 thousa

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"Bother you to must think way, or else sells nursery stock, my son did not have money quickly to read. " civil the Huang Tan that become a county presses down Miao Nong Zhu Xiangyang to aid farming the hot line is hit appeal phone, hope reporter can help his online cry out, the nursery stock that him work laboriously cultivates is sold.

From urban drive car 2 hours, we came civil the nursery stock base that the Huang Tan that become a county presses down Zhu Xiangyang of the village that raise 垟 . Cultivating Du Ying, sweet camphor tree, Le Changhan laugh, remote mountains trimly to have a smile on his face to wait for sapling of trade of 5 kinds of landscape repeatedly with safflower wood, each more than 10000 individual plant. Saying is sapling, already blossommed however 56 meters tall, average bosom diameter (be in arboreous diameter 1.2 meters high) 6 centimeters or so. So these nursery stock are Zhu Xiangyang in March 2001 of grow, when this answering that blossommed 2004, sell, but he lacks sale channel, outside a few buying coming before dividing a few acquaintance, did not sell basically go out.

As we have learned, this batch of nursery stock are Zhu Xiangyang according to Du Ying every individual plant 1 yuan, every individual plant of sweet camphor tree 0.5 yuan, Le Changhan laughs at every individual plant 2.5 yuan, remote mountains has a smile on his face 1 Yuan Hegong flowers and trees connects every individual plant every individual plant 2 yuan price. Kind the seedling is planted harrass of plant diseases and insect pests had not been sufferred after falling, first healthy and strong of two old sign. After 2004, cultivate by 3 years period standard, it is the nursery stock that span cultivates with 80 centimeters, because cultivate density,begin too big, crisscross of branches and leaves cannot continue extend, cause inadequacy of face of blade, cannot undertake photosynthesis adequately, bring about the way corp is growing logy, appear to grow not to grow thick posture high only, formed thin tall " figure " .

So these is out of shape that whether does nursery stock still have sale price to be worth? Our spot phone sought advice from city forestry bureau to plant Xu Wencheng of seedling station stationmaster. He identifies what bring about to estimate sale period as a result of the mistake to cultivate pair of tree too closely to grow is to be able to produce a few effects, but if transplant nursery stock,relatively capacious space has plant, the branches and leaves that can grow more quickly to lack and reply normal, so these are out of shape nursery stock does not break the fine that is afforest tree to choose.

Zhu Xiangyang hopes nursery stock can reach the area around to sell in Wen Zhou, in order to reduce transport costs, lower sale price, we were patted for his nursery stock according to, pass relevant sale information " Zhejiang farmer mailbox " release go out. If you are bought of purpose, dial connection telephone of Zhu Xiangyang please: 13868662877.
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