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Off-season flower price is high good sell this year Guilin flower market " abnor

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Press before experience, be a flower at present the sale is off-season, but the reporter visits discovery 21 days, the of all kinds flower on the market sells the price when giving peak period not only, and sale also is to go tall all the way.

Yesterday morning, the reporter is shade road, happy to banyan a few beautiful inn visit group of roads, reed road and urban district, all without exception of beautiful inn controller expresses: "The flower market this year really very flourishing, but this holds the post of before why the phenomenon that time had not appeared. "

The personage inside course of study expresses, as big as in former years this year different, the National Day up to now, majority spends the business of inn to be close friends than be being returned during National Day even. The reporter is in a when banyan shade Lu Mou spends shop to order goods thin on see, before this month 20 days, amount to 45 pairs by the newlywed of this service that spend shop only, 31 pairs still are booked before November 30, amounted to 8 pairs on November 18 among them, before the time that still a few guests are booked is new year's day. This beautiful inn boss says: "In former years can now and then the sheet that receives on 9 to marry is pretty good, this year is to have every day almost. "

The flower sells such flourishing, is its price change how? Banyan shade Lu Mou spends inn controller to swim the lady tells a reporter, because cultivate the flower grower of the flower to decrease, flower supply is relatively tighter than in former years this year, plus marrier is particularly much this year, the contradiction of supply and demand of flower market is very outstanding, flower price is accordingly common also the corresponding period of prep above in former years, partial flower price is to be maintained all the time more in busy season level. For instance the price of perfume lily is maintained at present be in 15 yuan / branch, a few bit better achieve 18 - 20 yuan / branch, and the corresponding period of in former years, best also do not cross 10 yuan / branch, from overall will tell, flower price rose at least 3 into.

Off-season flower popular and still sold busy season price, is this why? Analysis of the personage inside course of study thinks, as people living standard rise ceaselessly, people already made a kind of habit with each passing day to the consumption of the flower. Guilin had appeared at present a batch of mature flower consumer, the flower is the gift that they present other not merely, more the ornament that became daily life of course more include to marry such happy event, although beautiful price rises,also won't affect them to consume a flower.

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