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10 thousand yuan buy Miao Peiyo two carry company person to go hole of fir of bu

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On November 21, 2006, dalian evening paper reported the presence inside our city urban district is only the thing of the panda that can of fir of ormosia of northeast of arbor of one individual plant, its value compares animal group. After the message appears in the newspaper, the height that caused concerned respect takes seriously, yesterday, the reporter understands in interview, current, this individual plant is precious and arboreous had been concerned the branch was protected rise.

However, two years ago, golden state division 30 lis of fort one farmer, believe what one hears be called " limited company of science and technology of zoology of fir of beans of Lin Gong of division of the home in Beijing " conduct propaganda, with every individual plant 30 yuan high price buys 70 thousand yuan " northeast ormosia fir " seedling of a year of cuttage, bred two years meticulously. This year, when be about to sell by the contract that when buying a young plant, signs when him, discover this company has been missing however. What make this farmer indignant more is, via plant expert appraisal, what he buys kind of gotten young plant is northeast ormosia fir far from, connect ormosia fir in the general that survives hard in our city environment however.

Cultivate meticulously two carry, discover company person goes building sky

Live in golden state division 30 lis of fort are street boreal pasture child farmer Laoyu, one ever is received two years ago " limited company of science and technology of zoology of fir of beans of Lin Gong of division of the home in Beijing " the propagandist material that sends, weighing this company develop medicaments of ormosia fir biology technically, they supply kind of young plant, begin to reclaim with every kilograms of 160 yuan price after two years the dry branches and leaves of this tree. Claim the ormosia fir that they sell is planted the seedling is the northeast ormosia fir that uses cross of American ormosia fir, have grow rate is rapid, be able to bear or endure drought, cold-resistant, wait for an advantage without plant diseases and insect pests.

Laoyu passes serious consideration, feel this is an effects fast and the investment project that has perspective very much, acquired connection with this company then. Laoyu says, be in specific when exchanging views, although feel kind of so small young plant 30 yuan of one individual plant is too expensive, but can have profit considering two years, still agreed.

According to Introduction Laoyu, redemptive kind of seedling hind, grow to make its fast, pay off as early as possible, used the method with big cultivated canopy not only, returned investment to use advanced biology to grow a technology, make long career got kind of Miao Sheng very big rise.

However, making what Laoyu did not think of is, can collect branches and leaves to sell soon, he and firm of carry out vaccine are contacted, how to also contact however went up. He feels bad, go to Beijing in person instantly, discover this company however already the person goes the building is empty.
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