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Dimensions is changed specialization commercialize Weng Yuanlan flower to cultiv

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As Weng Yuanlan beautiful estate development realizes dimensions to change stage by stage, specialization, commercialize and in a popular style, perspective of development of Weng Yuanlan beautiful estate is more wide, nonlocal florist is swarmed into ceaselessly, local farmer is in what flowers of red-crowned crane of enterprise of bibcock of city class agriculture grows base limited company to be driven, with " farmer of + of company + base " development mode joins the procession that cultivates orchid in succession, weng Yuanlan flower is lifted again cultivate a climax.

Industry of this county flowers does statistical data to make clear, this county added flowers of prefectural inside and outside newly to invest business last year 50, xin Zenglan spends base 10, area of Xin Zenglan canopy 600 mus, total production value of property of entire county flowers amounts to 160 million yuan. 2007 two sides of the Taiwan Straits and exposition of orchid of province of the 5th Guangdong were held in this county March, expand a series of early days activities such as height forum as Chinese orchid industry begin, enlarged the influence of orchid industry, the masses that industry of this county flowers will come to to do advisory orchid to cultivate before is increasing.

Flowers still belongs to burgeoning consumptive domain in our country, having vast development space. Look from home, change quality as compatriots article rise to be accelerated with what the city changes a course, of the project project such as beautification of afforest of zoology environment construction, town carry out, need many flowers and plants and gardens afforest nursery stock, individual flowers consumption is active with each passing day also at the same time. From the point of the international market, because produce the effect of the element such as growth of cost, environmental protection, economy, the development speed of industry of developed country flowers has put delay, some gives the trend that drops now even. And the industry of developing country flowers with low cost of resourceful, production is rising quickly, some already became burgeoning flowers to export a nation, flowers industry presents the trend that changes to the developing country by the developed country. Come nearly more than 10 years, sale of world flowers market all with annual the speed of 10 % above increases by degrees.

Current, this county the good chance that have the aid of runs Lanbohui, produce an advantage, draw lessons from the successful experience of industry of flowers of advanced area of developed country and home, rely on advanced science and technology and administrative method, make the flowers industry chain that is bibcock with orchid with all one's strength, make flowers production and the target stride that export large county forward.

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