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Make Huadongte grass of peaceful national flower of Anhui of base of lubricious

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During new year's day, the truck that covey is hanging Beijing license plate is in city of Anhui peaceful state dragon grows since platoon of village of big dragon of 10 thousand home town. The villager people a busy homegrown bowl the mouth is wide, root ministry is wrapping the yulan magnolia of earthy ball, crape myrtle, Du Ying to wait for car of mount of flowers and trees, carry goes to the Olympic Games construction site of Beijing, with will play the part of beautiful Beijing 2008 the Olympic Games. Chen Mingwen of nursery stock large family says gladly: "Did not think of me this countryman also can exert oneself to dress up Beijing Olympic Games. "

As Beijing the Olympic Games was entered 2008 time, the agrestic painting of flowers and plants in traditional Chinese style that has Chinese distinguishing feature will make the main choice of Beijing afforest. Accordingly, afforest market contain is worn tremendous potential and business chance, have the aid of of peaceful state city " countrywide agriculture industrialization is advanced county (city) " this one " gold-lettered signboard " , regard agricultural dominant as the industry flowers nursery stock, use modern science and technology to breed a sweet-scented osmanthus, sweet camphor tree, An Yulan, crape myrtle, Na Tianzhu, antarctic peony to wait view and admire nursery stock flowers nearly more than 100 kinds. In the meantime, to connecting a grow seedlings of 50 mus of above, give every mus of 50 yuan award. Made " industry of nursery stock of flowers of peaceful state city develops a program " , whole town is formed cultivate, the industrial system that divide into equal parts of service of sale, society is versed in reasonable, form a complete set is perfected, build the production of characteristic nursery stock with Hua Dong main area to supply base stage by stage. Expand of the industry ceaselessly as nursery stock flowers, base of 10 flowers nursery stock and organization of farmer major collaboration and the agent team of 2000 more than person also in succession emerge as the times require. They put up bridge between farmer, market and travelling merchant. Especially opening shortly of Beijing Olympic Games, they carried message of all sorts of supply and demand in time, guide farmer to follow the market to go, cultivate the market to tighten the nursery stock with spruce, additional high cost. Accomplish " the person has without me, the person has me to actor or actress, the person actors or actress I am special " , turned nursery stock industry into benefit truly considerable " green bank " . As we have learned, base of nursery stock of whole town afforest already amounted to nearly 10 thousand mus, production value 200 million yuan, become Hua Dong's important nursery stock distribution centre.

Industry of nursery stock flowers grows flourishingly, rouse the pocket of rocket farming not only, the ablution of market economy spring tide changes their intention quickly also. Enterprises of a batch of local born and bred nursery stock flowers also are being accepted and applying concept of system of modern business management. Li Xieen of president of group of Anhui favour dragon, undertake enterprise and courtyard of Chinese forest division butt joint of capital, technology, breed flowers new breed, realize production value to break up in those days time. The nursery base of group subordinate already became Anhui now the nursery stock with the biggest southeast produces one of base. To infiltrate its product Beijing Olympic Games, li Xieen created window of nursery stock market in Beijing, build flowers nursery stock to produce sale base 3000 mus.
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