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Beijing afforest rate should be amounted to 2010 53%

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Should control 2010 in less than of 3500 square kilometer (add 300 square kilometer completely than 2004) ; Should control 2008 in less than of 3400 square kilometer (add 200 square kilometer completely than 2004) . This is yesterday city land bureau announces " Beijing " 915 " protection of period land natural resources and development use a program " show.

Additional, the program arrives 2010, rate of afforest of whole town forest achieves 53 % , the forest is enclothed rate achieve 37 % , 10% what area of natural groove guard reachs area of whole town land, communal greenbelt area achieves average per capita 15 square metre.

■ earthy topographical advantages is banned with delimit build be restricted to build a division

Beijing " 915 " protection of period land natural resources and development use program delimit to prohibit building area, limitation to build area and appropriate construction area, directive town development builds behavior.

According to introducing, prohibit building an area to include river lake wet ground, upper the source of a river Gao Yi sends area of core of fountainhead of one class groove guard, underground, a mountainous area mud-rock flow area, scenery scenic spot large and the core area of area and natural groove guard and buffer, basic farm, municipal, in principle prohibits any construction and development behavior.

Limitative construction area includes upper the source of a river easy hair area, geological environment is unsuited in area of flood detention of 2 class groove guard, groundwater source groove guard, harbour, a mountainous area mud-rock flow area, scenery scenic spot groove guard of the zoology before the blame core area of area, natural groove guard and silvan park, hill, science guides development to build behavior reasonably, construction should avoid as far as possible with ground choice let.

■ central city will change a city to develop pattern

The central area that includes to be core with old city, brim group (bridge of boreal center, winebibber, east stage of head of the dam, village that decide blessing, turn up soil, Na Yuan, abundant, Shi Jingshan, Xi Yuan, clear river, it is forerunner with orbit traffic, one level land develops aggrandizement. Line of traffic of orbit of node of traffic of key control orbit, program 800 meters of limits use two side the ground and freeway passageway periphery inside 1.5 kilometers limits even piece can use land, unite a program, consolidate management, orderly development.

■ 3 new cities father accuse land of orbit traffic along the line to use

City, suitable justice, the land of 3 keys new city uses Yi Zhuang to be advanced energetically with public traffic especially orbit traffic develops for oriented city and land develops pattern, the key controls periphery of orbit traffic node to use the use of the ground, advance land one class development. Inside program period, the in principle of intensity of the investment that use the land of project of industry of 3 keys new city not under 60 million yuan / hectare.
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