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Nursery stock of capital afforestation afforest is supplied present new characte

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In last few years, develop means and the change that manage kind as gardens afforest, nursery stock industry had gone to develop to be the road of oriented and full-scale development with market demand from blind amount, nursery stock supplies the need that also is contented many sided from change of onefold in the past contented amount need, especially the afforestation afforest nursery stock this year supplies was to present 6 apparent characteristics more:

It is an amount enough. Task of Beijing annual afforest was 12 thousand hectare 2007, by traditional afforestation density demand of computational nursery stock is in 2000-3000 10 thousand individual plant. Current, beijing exceeds 260 million individual plant in garden nursery stock, can give garden to be used at the nearly 190 million individual plant of afforestation afforest among them.

2 it is quality reliable. In last few years, through planting management department carries out the seedling ceaselessly mark of nursery stock GB, ground and unit of nursery stock production strengthen nursery stock quality ceaselessly to build, quality of Beijing nursery stock has very big rise. Classics city and area county are planted seedling the administration selectives examination, each seedling approves quality to achieve standard of nursery stock of mark of GB, ground or project of key afforestation afforest to ask.

3 it is to cultivate kind of diversity. Beijing is bred energetically in recent years, develop agrestic tree to plant, introduce ab extra tree to plant appropriately do complement, tree of the needle that makes be used at afforest beautification this year, broad, beautiful bush is planted have more than 100.

4 it is thoroughbred grow in quantity. Afforestation nursery stock is thoroughbred one of important signs that changing is forestry modernization. Thoroughbred nursery stock is in Beijing this year on the base that holds original breed and amount, buy 18 variety again, make Beijing can be used thoroughbred more than 50, thoroughbred amount 3000 more than individual plant.

5 it is a structure reasonable, norms is all ready. Through adjustment of a few years, development, current, in the nursery stock of 260 million individual plant of garden, scale of needle, broad, beautiful fruticose achieves 34:38:28, nursery stock supplies a structure reasonable with each passing day. In the meantime, the situation of norms of single nursery stock with much, big little young plant has altered small in the past young plant. Among them this year, the big norms nursery stock that contented afforest asks can reach 6.2 million individual plant.

6 it is origin lawful. Beijing has nursery 1473, area 214 thousand mus. Be in among them the amount of business certificate 903, be in amount that produces licence 881, area of the nursery that hold card is close 200 thousand mus, occupy the 90% above of nursery gross area. Do not need lawfully from nursery stock of numerous for private use except the farmer explain outside getting license, it is the nursery that lawful production runs entirely. Place of Beijing afforest afforestation originates with the 90% above of nursery stock these nursery.
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