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Yunnan: Intellectual property protection and development level are put in area d

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Eve of day of international intellectual property, when Mu Xianghong of presiding judge of front courtyard of intellectual property of senior people court accepts special report of our newspaper reporter, Yunnan province says, from eye antecedent condition looks, the eastpart part develops the lawsuit that obligee of area intellectual property mentions has very large proportion, the case that hears with court of Kunming city intermediate people only is exemple, develop with the eastpart part the case that area obligee prosecutes for accuser is occupied about 40% .

He says, offer in Kunming city quadrangle last year in May up to now in 10 typical intellectual property cases, the eastpart part develops the area tells Yunnan district have two.

Mu Xianghong thinks, report of this one characteristic gives protection of Yunnan intellectual property and development level and the eastpart part to develop the difference that the area exists. This develops horizontal decision by economy, science and technology, culture above all, the eastpart part develops the actual strength of area research and development, innovation is driving, product of the patent of application, composing, culture took an advantage on the amount, the consciousness that at the same time its protect to oneself intellectual property is very strong also, photograph comparing, in Yunnan in 3 big industries, the whole nation's well-known trademark is few and far between, more do not talk to go up own more celebrated brand.

Next, the eastpart part is certain enterprise to develop, forestall the market western, nip science and technology reachs economic actual strength, abuse appeals to authority, it is breach in order to make intellectual property case, beat oneself competitor, the brand purpose with oneself is crushing the similar product western, obtain the commanding elevation on the market.

More important is, the area protects system of consciousness, protection and system to go up to have difference than putting with photograph of the eastpart part in intellectual property western, be in sometimes inactive defend, the position that passivity takes a beating.

Yunnan saves resource of pair of biology of our region distinctive, culture resource, protect not do one's best from the angle of intellectual property. Kingdom of big province of source of Yunnan as a way of, plant is celebrated at the world, in recent years, certain orgnaization, enterprise is hitting area of the eastpart part the banner of scientific research, environmental protection, development, the establish goods with peculiar scarce precious plants Yunnan of mining, plunder, forestall, cause the prediction of a person's luck in a given year of biology resource, result resource is this locality, industry, brand is an other place. Because this is opposite,breed of the plant of new discovery, endangered plant builds country of origin to protect a system is an urgent task. Be like the stem of noble dendrobium kind rare medicinal herbs, hemp of exceeding lofty or great of Chinese caterpillar fungus, clear should build directory, protect mechanism actively to apply for to grant a plant new breed right to plant new breed, ensure the position of Yunnan plant kingdom does not shake, the interest is not damaged.
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