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Le Changhan laughs at graft one twig on another of stagnant flower grower to pro

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The reporter learns about the branch from Sheng state city, because Le Changhan laugh sells depression, sheng city flower grower thought up " graft one twig on another " method, the Le Changhan after grafting laughs become the yulan magnolia with satisfactory the way corp is growing, benefit increased 10 times above. As we have learned, past of Le Changhan laugh ever was spruce sell flowers and trees, be in Sheng state city solely cultivate an area to amount to several mus, but sell the change of be fond of of the user on the market because of flowers and trees in recent years, le Changhan laugh was become very quickly get a person desolate " Cinderella " , let cropper of a lot of flowers and trees the injury appeared a heart. Begin from 2005, drop quickly of economic benefits as Le Changhan laugh, market sale channel all the time not free, and meanwhile, the market price of the yulan magnolia that laughs at coequal social status with Le Changhan former days however all the way violent wind rises, achieved the 10 times above of price of Le Changhan laugh even. Then, below the guidance of technical personnel, the Lu Shan, flower grower that grows and other places of happy, Chong Ren, 3 rivers, timely rain to have grafting experience undertook big young plant changes the trial that receives yulan magnolia in Le Changhan laugh, those who pass 3 years of many time is ceaseless fumble, the success is scored eventually after perfecting. From the point of test result, partial experiment nods the survival rate of nursery stock engraft to be as high as 90% above, the technology is mature with each passing day also. Flourish of annals of Yu of large family of flowers and trees of street fourth new residential quarter did Lu Shan technically garden of an engraft yulan magnolia, the nursery stock after grafting already can appear on the market in the end of the year. Shi Lingling of Great Master of this city flowers and trees offerred a technology to help for him, express according to her, to having the yield of grafting technology advantage for the area, in big Miao Lechang has a smile on his face change receive Cheng Yulan, it is to adjust flowers and trees to cultivate a structure quickly, reduce the market risk, shortcut that raises economic benefits. Nevertheless she expresses at the same time, because change the red yellow yulan magnolia that receives whether go up to still remain in the technology with live through the winter of boreal area safety in the Yangtse River at fumbling, the red yellow yulan magnolia that because this proposal changes,receives sells past south area.

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