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What is to expand vermiculite?

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Vermiculite series product: Product category has golden yellow vermiculite, silvery white vermiculite; Breed has vermiculite piece, vermiculite pink, horticultural vermiculite, mix expand vermiculite.
Main type has: 1-3mm, 2-4mm, 10-20 eye, 20-40 eye, 40-60 eye, 80-120 eye.

One, the property of vermiculite and structure
The contains magnesium water aluminous silicate that vermiculite is structure of shape of a kind of layer is secondary and degenerative mineral, mica is like outside raw ore, normally by black (gold) mica changes via heating up fluid corrode action or efflorescent and into, because its be heated dehydrates,bending form is submitted when expanding, configuration is exactly like bloodsucker, friend says vermiculite.
The chemical type of vermiculite is M G×(H2O)[Mg3×(AlSiO3O10)(H2O) ]
Chemical composition is:
CaO PH of   of H2O of   of Al2O3 Fe2O3 of   of MgO of   of structural formula SiO2
Name 2 oxidation silicon is magnesian calcium of oxidation of 3 oxidation molten iron is worth 3 alumina
5-11 1-2 7-1 of   of 3.5-15 of   of   9-17 of 11-23 of   of content % 37-42

Vermiculite differentiates to be mixed for vermiculite raw ore by level sex expand vermiculite, by color classification can divide vermiculite of the yellow that it is gold, silvery white vermiculite, ivory vermiculite.
Roast of high temperature of course of vermiculite raw ore its bulk can expand quickly 8-20 times, the specific gravity 130-180kg/m3 after expanding, have very strong heat preservation heat proof quality.
2, main use:
Agricultural respect: Vermiculite can use as soil improvement agent, because its have good cation commutativity and adsorptive sex, the structure of ameliorable soil, chushui preservation of soil moisture, raise edaphic permeability and hydrous sex, make acidity soil turns into neuter soil; Vermiculite still can have amortize effect, the rapid change that block up PH is worth, make fertilizer grows in crop in medium slow release, and allow to excessive ground uses fertilizer and do not have a harm to the plant a bit; The element such as the Mn of the K that vermiculite still can offer oneself to contain to crop, Mg, Ca, Fe and minim, Cu, Zn. Commutativity of the water imbibition of vermiculite, cation and chemical composition are characteristic, make its are rising to protect fertilizer, defend water, store water, breathe freely and the multiple action such as mineral fertilizer. The experiment makes clear: 0.5-1% expand vermiculite mix into enters compound fertilizer in, can make crop crop rises 15-20% .
Horticultural respect: As horticultural with vermiculite, its main effect is to increase soil (medium) a temperament and protect ability in swimming. Because its are brittle, as the extension of use time, make medium easily compact and lose a temperament and protect ability in swimming, thick vermiculite is so longer than fine use time, and the effect is good. Accordingly, horticultural should choose thicker chip shape vermiculite with vermiculite, even if of tiny pip sow medium and as the covering that sow, it is with thicker had better.
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