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What is ceramists?

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(one) the basic idea of ceramists
Ceramists, just as its name implies, it is the grain with qualitative contented.
The exterior feature of ceramists shows circle or elliptic sphere for the most part, but also having ceramists of clastic rock of a few copy is not circle or elliptic sphere, and submit form of irregular clastic rock. Ceramists appearance differs because of craft and each different. Its surface is a hard crust, this crust shows contented to pledge or enamel, have lie between water to defend gas action, and gift the intensity with higher ceramists. The bead diameter of ceramists is the bead way with 20 the oldest ㎜ of 5 ~ to be 25 ㎜ commonly. Ceramists uses the clastic rock in replacing concrete and pebble commonly.
The surface color of ceramists differs because of uses raw material and craft and each different. The color of roast ceramists is red of wine, reddish brown mostly, also a few special breed are grey yellow, grey black, hoar, green gray to wait. The raw material that produces ceramists because of making a living is very much, the breed of ceramists is very much also, color is very consequently much also. Avoid because place differs with solid litter,burn ceramists, color each different, it is grey black commonly, the surface does not have glossiness, not as smooth as roast ceramists.
A bit it is the most important in a lot of good performance to pledge the gender is ceramists gently, also be the main reason that it can replace heavy qualitative arenaceous rock. The internal composition feature of ceramists shows small hole of close beehive shape. These small hole are to close model, is not to connect model. Because gas is lapped take case,it is inside and those who form, this is ceramists pledges small main reason.
The petty grain part of ceramists calls Tao Sha. There are a lot of fine graineds that are less than 5 ㎜ in ceramists, aborning uses screening machine this part petty grain screening comes out, customarily says for Tao Sha. Tao Sha's density slightly tall, chemistry and thermal stability are good. Tao Sha basically is used at replacing natural river arenaceous or hill is arenaceous make up concrete of small part makings, light qualitative mortar, also can make concrete of acid-proof, heat-resisting thin volume makings. Main breed has clay contented arenaceous shaly Tao Sha and fly ash Tao Sha. The purpose of use Tao Sha also is to reduce a construction self-prossessed. Tao Sha also can be used at soilless culture and industry to filter.
(2) the sort of ceramists
1, the raw material cent that presses ceramists
(1) fly ash ceramists
It is main raw material with solid litter, add the cementation makings of certain amount and water, become a ball via treatment, agglomeration is burned bilge or natural conserve and into, bead diameter expects in the small thick part of 5 ㎜ above, ceramists of abbreviation fly ash.
(2) clay ceramists
With clay, inferior clay for main raw material, make bead via treatment, burn what bilge and become, bead diameter expects in the small thick part of 5 ㎜ above, call clay ceramists.
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