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Greek PEP benefit gets velar introduction

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Greek PEP benefit gets film to regard a kind of high grade big canopy as film, farming film, its development, research is to be aimed at the defect of monolayer PE, EVA to try to overcome improve, make its retain its original advantage, eliminate its defect, what make squash in all type (three-layer of PE EVA PE) is compound film.

The ageing of any material, it is the illuminate as a result of sun ultraviolet ray (destroy) reach oxidation place to cause, and benefit gets film to contain more than general PE film those who give 15~35% fight ultraviolet ray stable agent, can extend the fixed number of year that its use consequently.

Benefit gets velar characteristic

  • Durable sex: Benefit gets film to contain special, effective UV stable dose to be able to protect big canopy film to be harmed because of ultraviolet illuminate, with obtaining the eye land that uses for long. Extremely exceedingly good fight ultraviolet content sex, service life is the longest can amount to 5 years, differ because of each district climate and somewhat difference.
  • Light transmittance: Good light transmittance is right of crop growing is very important, the manufacturing experience that PEP benefit gets film to abound, fine installation and proper choice are used makings, ability ensures best light transmittance of film. Highest can amount to 92% .
  • Fight high temperature and blast: Because hold those who have PE concurrently to be able to bear or endure,lukewarm sex reachs the obdurability of EVA, reason can fight high temperature and blast.
  • Dustproof: By fights electrostatic processing, make the surface is not had electrostatic, not easy and adsorptive dirt.
  • Heat preservation sex: Benefit gets velar surface to contain infrared absorbefacient, make the temperature inside winter canopy rises fast; Intermediate layer contains more EVA, can prevent nightly the flee to other country of far infrared ray that transforms by quantity of heat, achieve better heat preservation result thereby.
  • Prevent stream drop: Benefit gets film to contain a kind of special additive, increase filmy exterior pulling force, do not let mirage condense into water, and made suitable film flows. Benefit gets what velar institute offers to prevent stream drop effect is the most lasting can amount to 4~18 month, but because the meeting is different condition of area, different climate, different conservatory type and differ somewhat.

Model of film of commonly used PEP

Product model ply (MIC) is durable (season) total light transmittance (%) scattering is smooth (sex of %) heat preservation is prevented shed UV2502AD 120 2 >89% <20% of actor of fine of UV2702AD 150 3 >89% <25% of actor of drop TUV3950AD 200 4 >89% <25% actor medium actor UV2352AD 100 1 >90% <25% is medium actor or actress

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