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Horticultural cloth introduces

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Horticultural cloth is become privileged of a kind of classics learn to fight ultraviolet ray to handle, be able to bear or endure already the velar state ground that high density of plastic material classics spends the black that attrition fights ageing again to braid and be become enclothes material. Enclothe with its, won't destroy soil to be able to achieve the result of cement ground not only, and give weed via enclothing the land after to cannot grow, make produce an operation, irrigate water management to wait more convenient easy travel. The service life of ground cloth can is as long as 8~10 year. This is general and homebred be modelled on of stuff place short of.
The city of the horticultural cloth that the United States imports now sells the price to be less than 5.3 yuan / square metre, this weeds artificially with what be as long as 10 years cost or phase of data of other ground processing are compared, it may be said is good in quality and cheap in price.
The main use of horticultural cloth has:
Potted flower production, kind Miao Peiyo lays the ground inside the canopy of canopy greatly;
Conservatory ground material;
The nursery that show the ground, potted manufacturing management field lays the ground;
The ground grows vegetable, cut flower and flower bed flower to grow an area (need to be in cultivate bit of incision cut) ;
Mu Benhua grass is potted.

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