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Irrigate systematic pipe fitting and join choice

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The system is defeated match conduit net to be mixed by all sorts of conduit join ask by the design stack mounting is become, it is main component of the system, rising water and the effect that compound water are defeated with crop between Xiang Tian. Conduit and join in the dosage in the system big, norms is much, what hold investment proportion is larger, uses pipeline and join whether does norms suit, quality stand or fall, matter to the size of project cost and project quality and service life directly. Accordingly, the member that design and use a person must understand all sorts of conduit and link action, phyletic, model, norms and function, ability is designed correctly reasonably and manage project of good drip irrigation. The phyletic join of conduit reach accessory sort

The system is mixed to tubal material join main demand

It is certain to can bear inside hydraulic force
Be defeated match conduit net to manage a network for pressure, various conduit must can bear design actuating pressure, ability makes sure safety is defeated water and match water. Of conduit bear press ability and tubal material and join qualitative, norms, model reachs capable person join means about.

Anti-corrosive it is good to fight aging behavior
Conduit and join be defeated water and should not happen in process matching water or seldom produce rustily, precipitation and microbial breed to wait, avoid douche and systematic generation to jam phenomenon. To plastic pipe and plastic join, must add carbon black to wait fight ageing agent to rise fight ageing ability, prolong service life.

Parameter must accord with technical standard
Deviation tubal way and wall are large reach deviation to should be inside technical standard limit (conduit wall wants cleanness of smooth level off in order to reduce head loss. Tube wall surface is slick, without cave, crackle is amiable bubble, join without flash and burr) .

Conduit and join proportion is held in systematic investment bigger, should choose to be able to satisfy systematic requirement already, the price cheap conduit and join.

Construction installation is simple
All sorts of join between reach conduit and join the join between wants simple, convenient and sealed below demand pressure not slack.

The sort of conduit uses plastic pipe commonly in small fill system, to large project medium backbone is defeated by water pipeline, reach join when plastic pipe when cannot satisfying a design to ask, the pipeline that can use other data and join, canal of the iron pipe that be like casting, steel tube, ferroconcrete, asbestine cement canal, but should prevent rustily jam douche and system. The following to filter conduit had better use plastic pipe entirely.
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