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Small sprinkling irrigation introduces

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Small sprinkling irrigation is to pass pipeline system to use small sprinkler head to spray low-pressure water or chemical drug with small discharge low pressure go up in branches and leaves or ground form of water of a kind of fill.
The different point of small sprinkling irrigation and drip irrigation depends on douche by small sprinkler head of drop head instead, drop head is the odd pressure that relies on oneself structure to use up conduit,
And small sprinkler head is to use spray energy consumption of way pass the time in a leisurely way. Drip irrigation of wet area ratio is big, such is helpful for that eliminate hydrous and saturated division, make moisture can be absorbed at any time by soil,
Improved root area to aerate condition, but can make the vigilance water of edaphic surface measures a loss to increase. Compare with common sprinkling irrigation photograph, its actuating pressure is low, cannon-shot is small,
Can spray only ministry of edaphic surface standoff. General installation is in close floor office, won't spray crop face of blade, can adjust field microclimate, but in conservatory,
Use in big canopy may cause humidity to increase, send unripe plant diseases and insect pests easily, this is the place that is inferior to drip irrigation and ooze fill.
The composition of system of small sprinkling irrigation and classification and drip irrigation system are same, first its fountainhead, hub, be defeated match conduit net the design of a few parts, equipment is chosen, construction and move safeguard all as identical as drip irrigation system.

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