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Summertime nursery stock runs technical measure

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Adjust further as structure of industry of our city country, development of nursery stock of whole town flowers is swift and violent in recent years, area of grow seedlings of whole this year town predicts to be able to amount to 22 thousand mus of above, increase many mus 10 thousand than last year, making the point of growth with new rural economics stage by stage. Develop continuously to ensure health of industry of our city nursery stock further, raise level of grow seedlings technology, strengthening management is crucial. Say to coming currently, how to pay government of good summer nursery stock, raise nursery stock to grow quantity, in technical respect we offer the following proposal, hope each district is referenced.

One, plant diseases and insect pests prevents and cure:

1, nursery stock disease:

Powdery mildew kind, happen on Chinese littleleaf box of crape myrtle, great part of a historical period, Chinese rose more, can use spirit of 50 % much bacterium 300 - 400 times fluid or 50 % hold cloth ferry in the palm 800 times fluid prevents and cure, general 2 can, removed 7 - fluid of 10 days of gush.

Leaf spot kind, in Chinese littleleaf box of great part of a historical period, Chinese rose, Chinese flowering crabapple kind nursery stock, may happen on a lot of nursery stock such as n/bot glossy privet of leaf of oriental cherry of plum of red autumnal leaves, Japan, gold, can hold cloth ferry in the palm with 50 % 800 times fluid or 1: 1: 100 times Bordeaux mixture prevents and cure, successive gush 2 come 3 times, removed 7 - 10 days.

Other: To today the bud seedling of Chun Gang transplant, should undertake 2 prevent to 3 gush medicine, basically use the much bacterium spirit, ferry that hold cloth in the palm or the drug such as 100 ferry Qing Dynasty alternant gush is applied.

2, nursery stock insect pest:

Scale insect kind, if this kind of insect pest does not capture an opportunity to be treated harder, this locality is in plum of camellia, cedar, Chinese holly, candle, have a smile on one's face, happen on the nursery stock such as crape myrtle, sweet-scented osmanthus, Chinese rose, use before winter or early spring are gemmiparous commonly 3 - the lime sulfur of 5 Baume degrees or capture nymph to fill brood period kill snout moth's larva to loosen with 50 % 800 times fluid increases in season of a few washing powder sparge wet effect is better.

Other, red spider often happens on cypress, usable kill mite kind medicaments will prevent and cure. This locality of dry pest of eat by moth basically happens in Mu Shinan of plum of willow, poplar, Shan Duying, red autumnal leaves, Luo, Huang Shan on the nursery stock such as Luan Shu, usable dipterex is built-in in aperture of eat by moth, poison larva. Aphid kind basically go up to often happen in the nursery stock such as plum of Hai Tong, camellia, red autumnal leaves, to bag moth kind, thorn moth kind insect pest happens possibly on a lot of nursery stock, should be in larva period tries to prevent and cure.
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