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Ginkgo plant technology

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1. Choose ground soil preparation

Ginkgo belongs to plant of deep root sex, unripe long fixed number of years is very long, artificial and cultivated, relief, landform, earthy, climate should create good condition for its. Choose relief tall dry, sunshine time is long, sunny, earthy layer is deep, drainage is good, on soil of loose and fecund loam, yellow loosen the soil, sandiness. Among them acidity and neuter loam give birth to long exuberance, the way corp is growing is good, shift to an earlier date Cheng Lin, individual plant of different of ginkgo male and female, result of be pollinated ability. After the ground has been chosen, bedding, 120 centimeters wide, 25 centimeters tall, form of curvature of the spinal column, among farmland face tallish, quadrilateral slightly low, good barrel-drain leaves all round, drought blocks ditch up, waterlogged catchment, and have facility of irrigation works form a complete set even.
2. Progenitive method

(1) the breed that divide individual plant 2, between March, cong Zhuangling departs in seedling of Nie of root of tree of mother of female individual plant the much hale, finer source that 5 individual plant control 4 ~ 100 centimeters high, transplant decides establish forest land. Soil preparation wants to apply base fertilizer before growing, deepness of cultivated be buried wants proper, cannot have mixed too greatly shallow, not beyond the mark drought need not water after transplant.

(2) cuttage is progenitive

The summer, choose from the tree of the result pick the short skill that is born in those days, cut growing 7-10 centimeter a paragraph, next cut cut cant of equestrian ear shape, base the ministry is soggy after 2 hours, cuttage is on vermiculite sanded bed, intermittent sparge water, 30 days of or so much insert spic OK and rooted.

(3) grafting is progenitive

With filling fruit period hale branch is scion, with break off bar the law is received go up in seedling.

3. Transplant

Time distributes year two season, 15 hectare of every 1 / fall spring seedling 35 individual plant, dig hole cultivated, acupuncture point is deep 50 centimeters, dig acupuncture point bottom again loose 15 centimeters, farmyard manure, organic miscellaneous fertilizer and phosphate fertilizer mix together, sufficient become thoroughly decomposed, mix with earth even, above again to earth up 10 centimeters, it is Miao Fang inside acupuncture point cultivated, grow firm, dependable, carry a young plant gently, make a root scanty spread out, irrigate the water that decide a root, every to 1 / 15 hectare should have matched 5 % male individual plant. Every hectare fertilizes 300 kilogram.

4. Field managing

(1) intertill weeds

The ginkgo ground of firm transplant establish but interplanting Chinese traditional medicine is careless definitely bright, moustache of purple perilla, jingjie, the root of fangfeng, ability, the root of balloonflower, legume, potato kind reach short stalk crop, be united in wedlock undertake intertill weeds top application. Before closing of crown of a tree, fertilize every year 3 times. Spring apply vernalization fertilizer, chu Xiaxiong is strong the branch is fat, the winter applies fertilizer of keep a full stand of seedlings,
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