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Ginkgo plant technology

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Method of application: It is to be below crown of a tree every time, dig radiative shape hole cricoid perhaps channel, apply fertilizer into to earth up, water, begin from blossom, to the result period, a month has every other foliage dressing, chase after 0. 5 % urea is added 0. The phosphoric acid of 3 % 2 hydrogen potash fertilizer, make aqueous solution, in cloudy day or gush is applied in the evening go up in branch, lamina, if wet is encountered after gush, afresh again gush.

(2) artificial pollination

Ginkgo belongs to individual plant of different of male and female, be pollinated have the aid of is finished at wind and insect. To raise ginkgo hang fruit and sit to be led if really, want to undertake artificial pollination, its method is as follows: Collect male flower branch, on the female individual plant that is hanged before blossomming, lend wind and insect transmission pollination, raised strong rate greatly.

(3) clip pruning

To make plant grows of development fast, cut every year go Nie of root ministry bud and branch of a few diseased or infected plant, deadwood, withe, weak branch, jackknife, disable branch, erect sex branch, summer picks a heart, valve bud. Make nutrient is centered in much more ramose on, stimulative floral grows.

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