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Implantation technology of Luan Shu

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Luan Shu, impunity child division Luan Shu is belonged to, produce our country north to reach mid, north from northeast south, to the Yangtse River catchment reachs Fujian south, sichuan is reached to ministry of Gansu Province southeast on the west mid all have distributing. Deciduous leaf arbor, spring tender leaf is red more, become yellow into color of double ended radius sleeker, very beautiful, the summer blossoms, full tree is golden, terribly is grand. Appropriate makes tree of Ting Yinshu, trade and garden scene tree, also can use as shelter-forest, water and soil conservation and tree of barren mountain afforest are planted. Its lumber is more fragile, easy treatment, can make board makings, appliance wait. Xiekedi makes tannin extract, the flower can make maize dye, seed but oil expression, for making soap and lubricating oil. Yi tree adaptability is strong, help advance somebody's career more easily.

One, progenitive

Luan Shu is usable sow, tillering, root is inserted wait for a method to breed, and give priority to in order to sow. Sow a method to be as follows:

1, the seed collects: Luan Shuguo is solid at 9 - mature in October. Anthology grow good, dry form is connected straight, crown of a tree is open, fruits is full, be in strong the admirable sheet individual plant of age regards seed collecting as Mu Shu, show in fructification rufous or orange is lubricious and capsule have not when craze collect in time.

2, fructification processing: After fructification is collected, should seasonable air is basked in or lay open dry in the shade, after waiting for capsule craze, beat threshing, with choose a law to be planted completely.

3, seminal vernalization: The seed coat of seed of goldenrain tree tree is hard, show water not easily, if do not handle the 2nd year of spring sowing through vernalization, often do not sprout or gemmiparous rate is very low. Accordingly, best in those days autumn sows, let a seed complete vernalization phase in soil, but leave out seed stores up, the working procedure such as vernalization, come Chun Youmiao comes up out of land early and orderly, grow hale. But autumn sows, the seed places field time to grow too, sow land management the job is more troublesome. Accordingly, the layer also is used to amass vernalization magic art on production. Choose dry, ventilated, sunshine point-blank those who be less than is indoor (winter, little rain of northern region drought, also can show ground hole to hide) , be like the seed sanded, wood chip, turfy divide into equal parts with 3 times wet medium layer or mix pile up (medium is wet degree is held with using a hand can become a group; Booth hand comes loose namely to spend) , pile up height 50 - 60 centimeters, in every square metre right-and-left layer accumulates a bed in; Put one card kaoliang stalk or bamboo basket in order to aerate. At ordinary times, room temperature control is in 1 - 10 ℃ , want at the same time diligent examination, prevent a seed to cross wet, calorific, mildew and rot. Classics 100 - 120 days (just spring) can sow when partial seed dew is white. After seminal classics layer accumulates vernalization, emerge period is short and orderly, the effect is better.
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