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How to make miniascape of bottle scene plant

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Bottle scene plants petty plant in transparent vitreous bottle or transparent plastic container namely medium and a kind of when make special adornment.
Bottle scene helps advance somebody's career matrix wants those who breathe freely to choose manage the material with stronger ability in swimming, for example the cindery, vermiculite, bead that play card and pearlite. Education puts to go up to divide a layer commonly inside bottle scene: Preexistence ground floor puts block of — layer egg or pearlite, facilitate show water; Bead of — layer charcoal is filled among, in order to filter foreign matter; Most on earthy layer soil can press earth of an a sandy soil, detritus and L portion rural inch: scale makes up education to go up. — layer always shoulds not be highly exceed bottle of tall 1 / 4. When grow, with individual plant of — of individual plant of — of clincher general plant light put down gently enters container matrix, go up in lid of floral root ministry next — layer slight native.
Water edge is used after been grow implement the wall is irrigated below, do not develop random plant, irrigate the cap on rear cover. Begin a few days to want to avoid strong smooth illuminate, when waiting for a plant to be able to get used to bottle of medium environment, ability can move to fall to sunshine.
Best every week opens cap to check edaphic humidity. If be in,the drip that bottle wall predicts is done not have for long abreaction, explain the humidity inside container is too big, need to open cap with sending out partial vapor is built again on. To ” of plant of “ bottle scene, of sufficient conserve of “ water, smooth, lukewarm ” basic 3 element. Ringent bottle scene grows implantation thing opposite water requirement is bigger, water every weeks 1 times about, basis of scene of the bottle that build a mouth is specific grow the state is timely water. Scene of the bottle after field planting cannot place the place in intense of in relief light intensity for long.

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