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On gardens of modelling of Henan flowers and trees apply

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Use crop, dish plunge into wait for measure, make Yo of gardens nursery stock is become expect beautiful figure. Through formative nursery stock, call model young plant. Henan uses modelling nursery stock appropriately in urban park, can get favorable artistic result.
One, develop general situation: Arboreous modelling is in Europe times of initiative Yugu Rome. The Christian era already appeared in the in private villa regular pattern curtilage when 1 century the tree that clip becomes geometrical type. At the beginning of 16 centuries, arboreous modelling craft applies extensively in European gardens, in gardens of palace of contest of French every Er many modelling tree. 18 centuries after 50 time, be opposite as people of interest of regular pattern curtilage abate, modelling is cultivated also drop off. Be in the United States, a gardens that centers cultivated modelling tree is local call Italy garden or Roman garden. The arboreous modelling in Japanese curtilage appears at the beginning of 17 centuries, heretofore application still more extensive. Arboreous modelling also has long history in China. There is grow Yu, Liu Zunli to write the account that pitchs appearance of building or dragon, snake, birds and beasts namely when Northen Wei Dynasty.
2, type and action: What cultivate appearance according to modelling is different, arboreous modelling can divide 4 kinds:
① is neat type. Will arboreous clip orbs, the neat geometrical body such as umbrella form, quadrate, helicoid, cone. Multi-purpose at regular pattern gardens, give a person with orderly feeling. Comfortable ask at tree of this kind of formative branches and leaves is dense, budding force is powerful, be able to bear or endure clip or make up easily plunge into, be like fir of circle cypress, ormosia, Huang Yang, trifoliate orange, 5 horn maple etc.
Type of ② hedge wall. Carry clip or make up the hedge wall that plunges into the tree that waits for a method to make list plant to form height, appearance to differ. Common hedgerow, espalier all belongs to this kind. Hedge wait at building, lawn, fountain, sculpture in gardens middling establish all round, have the effect of disjunctive scene area or setting. This kind of modelling asks branches and leaves is dense commonly, be able to bear or endure clip, grow slant slow tree is planted.
Type of ③ copy building, birds and beasts. Be about to arboreous appearance clip or tie string, dish the building form such as Za Chengting, stage, building, cabinet or attitude of all sorts of birds and beasts, comfortable at neat the tree plants type formative, general comfortable also at kind of modelling.
Type of ④ picket scene. It is application shrinks small gimmick, typical emersion Gu Muji cultivates the gardens artwork of verve. Multi-purpose gardens of Yu Lou ground is important tourist attraction or beautiful stage. Large stub belongs to this kind namely. Comfortable at this kind of formative the tree is planted the demand is truncal and low vigrous clumsy is plain, wait like mandarin orange of yew podocarpus, gold, Tie Genghai Tang.
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