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Technology of ginkgo grow seedlings

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Ginkgo seed needs before sow indoors air to water content 30% or so reentry sows all right. The ability after normally ginkgo seed should pass the 1 rest period to 2 months begins shoot, consequently of ginkgo sow grow seedlings to have two kinds of kind: It is sow the ginkgo of air Yu Miao bed directly in autumn, bud of seed of the 2nd year of spring; 2 be in the wet river sand in water content 5%-10% burying ginkgo in before sowing 50 days, plastic film is covered on, undertake vernalization, sow in spring next.
Sand of earth of usable vegetable garden, river and compound fertilizer press seedbed matrix 50: 50: The scale mix up of 1, caboodle becomes 100 centimeters wide, 15 centimeters tall, long 300-500 centimeter seedbed. Kind of nucleus of the ginkgo when sowing is indispensible smooth put, 3-5 of to earth up centimeter, the upper cover after sowing is straw, autumn sowing person drench 7 days every water, spring sowing person drench 3 days every water, till emerge. Drench everyday after emerge thin water, seedbed of every square metre uses 0.3% phosphoric acid every week 2 hydrogen Potassium 1500 milliliter.
3, grow seedlings
When seedling height achieves 15 centimeters of above, ought to take the pot on earth, cut at the same time go terminal bud in order to promote lateral bud bud. Miao Penke chooses the plastic flowerpot that the diameter controls 15 centimeters or grow seedlings bag, basin earth asks organic qualitative much and the permeability that show water is good.
Grow when side branch when reaching 20 centimeters, usable fine rope made of hemp is bound and bend, so that shaping. Potted seedling is in 5 come to needed park shade canopy October inside, grow with preventing Jiang Guangyi to make and burnable tender leaf. Potted seedling every 2 drench to 3 days water, with basin earth wet and advisable. Fertilize to be given priority to with the soya-bean cake of become thoroughly decomposed or compound fertilizer, at annual mixed Feburary August each.
4, field planting and management
Leave the ground when ginkgo seedling 10 centimeters, when the diameter achieves 1.5 centimeters of above, should take earth to move to big basin field planting. Bottom of field planting basin is due and perforative in case water of wet be soiled, had better be park brick over. Drench every week after field planting show water. Use main force of Bordeaux mixture daub every year into the winter in case formic kill, new second year branch grows to have setting according to need to Shi Kegen of 20 centimeters of above, also can need according to shaping at grafting undertaking every year before early spring is budding.
Ginkgo has every year in south spring, autumn two grow seasonal, the summer because high temperature, winter stops as a result of low ground temperature to grow. So, the fertilization of ginkgo should be in annual spring, autumn two grow season undertakes. Manage together, the clip of ginkgo undertakes in the summer and winter commonly.
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