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The type of the hedgerow in Henan gardens construction reachs his to apply

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Hedgerow has a variety of classification kind: Thunder Yong every evil spirit treat Luo of correct of Lai of ⒎ of Luo of  Zi quilt ⒆ basketry defends? to depend on view and admire value to be able to be divided to watch Hua Li, view; of fruit hedge, Guan Xieli depends on hedgerow itself height condition to be able to be divided be tall. Now will tall, medium, short the action of 3 kinds of hedgerow and build means introduction are as follows.
Its action basically uses Gao Luli in case space of noise, dustproof, space is given priority to, it is equidistance more cultivated bush or half arbor, but one-way or double travel is arranged cultivated. Its characteristic is plant taller, group structure is close together, simple sense is strong, have portray the scenery of landform, foil, action that blocks the line of sight. Gao Luli's height is in commonly 1.5 meters of above, a variety of door holes, Jing Chuang can be opened on its in order to dot landscape. The stuff that build fence is Chinese ilex of wood of tree of optional choose compose, oak, France, old Xie Nvzhen, Chinese juniper cypress, elm, golden pheasant, false indigo.
The hedgerow in hedgerow builds medium applying in gardens in the widest, cultivated and most. Its do not exceed 1.3 meters highly, width does not exceed 1 meter, it is curve of double travel geometry more cultivated. Hedgerow can have the effect of area of disjunctive great respect in, achieve the constituent tourist activity, goal that raises landscape of green chromaticness feeling, beautification. Hedgerow much battalion builds hedge of Hua Li, fruit, Guan Xieli in. The material that build fence depends on a function but cultivated gardenia, have a smile on one's face, Mu Jin, Gong Sang, bellflower, become n/bot glossy privet of Xie Mu, Jin Xie, gilt-edged thorn of n/bot glossy privet of coral, flocculus, 7 lis of sweet, fire, tea tree.
Short hedgerow short hedgerow is multi-purpose at little garden, also can be in large gardens space group word or constitute pattern. Its are in normally highly 0.4 meters of less than, form by short plant belt, tourist line of sight can cross the scenery of flowers and plants in gardens of hedgerow look down at. Short hedgerow has permanent with provisionality two kinds differ setting, plant material has Mu Benhe herbaceous a variety of. Commonly used plant has grass of snow, 1000 head cypress, evergreen, color, red autumnal leaves is Chinese rose, Huang Yang, young in June Bo, jasmine, cuckoo.
Most hedgerow presses proper form clip, but slow to growing tree is planted, and hedge of expensive type bamboo and the Hua Li that are a purpose in order to watch a flower, do not make clip more, or the adjustment that makes tall ministry branch only. To needing the hedgerow of clip, but build becomes the following kinds of forms: Emperor cuts goosefoot boat to admire? of soup of bore with a reamer of Kang of ゲ of male of magpie of  post be favored with 2 it is; of becomes by two combination of different height 2 type hedgerow 3 be 2 above is multilayer type hedgerow. From obstruct the effect to tell, reach with 2 type multilayer type is beautiful, multilayer type is on dimensional effect more abound change. Carry sedulous clip, can make the design beauty of hedgerow and line beauty are united in wedlock, still can make hedgerow is updated ceaselessly, maintain life vigor for a long time to reach view and admire value.
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