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Water earths up flowers conserve point

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1, An Zuhua (red palm, flamingo)

Include gules, white, orange, motley wait for breed. Red palm is afraid of microtherm environment, change of difference in temperature of avoid day and night is bigger, environmental temperature had better maintain spend in 20—28, but can be able to bear or endure 40 degrees of high temperature, when air temperature under 15 degrees when, can cause certain harm to plant. Red palm is fond of scattering sunlight, such meetings make design and color bright-coloured; The environment is in season constant ventilated, in order to reduce plant diseases and insect pests, make plant health grows.

2, Chun Yu (small princess, cherub or 1000 hands avalokitesvara)

Chun Yu adaptability is stronger, be fond of light to reflect the environment with wet warmth of bright, climate; Avoid strong light insolates, be able to bear or endure half shade. Indoor place before should relying on a window, make its accept certain illumination, grow comfortable lukewarm 20—25 is spent, also ability 38—40 spends high temperature, temperature of live through the winter is not gotten under 5 degrees. Resistance of Chun Yu oneself is very strong, have plant diseases and insect pests rarely.

3, green giant

High temperature of green giant happy event is high wet environment, grow comfortable lukewarm spend in 20—30 between, water of gush of Xiang Xie face answers when exceeding 30 to spend, avoid by all means irrigates water Yu Xie heart, cause decay so easily; Winter grows temperature had better maintain in 10 degrees of above, green giant is be able to bear or endure shade plant, should prevent sun point-blank, but winter should increase illumination appropriately, in order to satisfy the need of photosynthesis.

4, velvet arrowroot

Velvet arrowroot happy event is warm, wet the environment with half this world. Grow comfortable lukewarm 18—22 is spent, indoor conserve should maintain winter in 15 degrees of above, under 13 degrees when Huang Xie of easy sodden root, avoid sunshine is point-blank, can grow all the year round below bright astigmatism environment good.

5, peacock arrowroot

High temperature of peacock arrowroot happy event is much wetter, half shade does not have the environment with point-blank sunshine, room temperature maintains in 10 degrees of above but normal live through the winter, wither of the lamina when temperature is again low enters dormancy. Answer when sunshine of Chun Xia season is intense proper and shady, winter can place Yu Yangguang to be in amply, be like shadow of long-term park shade, what can affect fleck of face of blade is gorgeous.

Above description also suits to be used at trichromatic arrowroot.

6, araucaria

Araucaria happy event is warm, cool, not cold-resistant. Spend in 25—30 when air temperature, air humidity is in 85% when grow good, winter spends 10 degrees of above but safe live through the winter. Araucaria happy event is sunny, dan Jiyang insolates solely; Enter Xia Fang shady and cool place, winter should set office of exposed to the sun, notice every half month changes the position of the basin, make its accept sunshine bath equably, in order to carry a tree model beautiful.
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