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Zoology of slope of edge of field of stone of Fuzhou chief branch administers an

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Project number: Mansion elephant action (FZ-2008) 006
Type of invite public bidding: Project invite public bidding
Area: Fujian
Project name: Announcement of invite public bidding of project of processing of zoology of the slope side field of stone of Fuzhou chief branch
Unit of invite public bidding: The Fuzhou City forestry bureau
Acting unit: Xiamen consults administrative limited company like island project
Investment dimensions: Two million nine hundred and forty-two thousand and thirty yuan
Floor area: 0 square metre

Project brief introduction:
Number of invite public bidding: Mansion elephant action (FZ-2008) 006
1, condition of invite public bidding
Zoology of the slope side field of this stone of branch of chief of Fuzhou of project of invite public bidding administers a project, already sent reform by the Fuzhou City appoint approval construction. Project owner and person of invite public bidding are bureau of forestry of the Fuzhou City. The project already had requirement of invite public bidding now, undertake publicity invite public bidding to this project construction now.
2, limits of project general situation and invite public bidding
2.1 draft scope of project of invite public bidding to be: The price that send a package is 2942028 yuan.
Limits of 2.2 invite public bidding: Zoology of slope of edge of field of stone of Fuzhou chief branch administers a project, specific content detailed sees the project measures detailed list, it is reference with construction blueprint.
2.3 project place: Fuzhou chief branch
2.4 time limit for a project: 110 calendar day.
2.5 projects quality asks to accord with (" engineering construction quality checks and accept a standard " ) acceptable standard.
2.6 financing source: Prepare oneself.
2.7 contract means: Contractor bag expects.
2.8 projects invite public bidding uses reasonable cost interval random and draw-out win the bid the person judges mark method to select a contractor.

Condition signing up:
3. bidder qualification and careful investigate and deal with sb law
3.1. every is had assume ability of this project of invite public bidding, accord with formulary qualification condition and the construction company of file of invite public bidding is bought inside formulary time, all can join projects of afore-mentioned project of invite public bidding bid. This project uses means of the careful after the qualification to the qualification test of bidder, its are main qualification test standard and content are:
1) have already did business through the legal entity with yearly check effective qualification charter;
2) 3 class and above aptitude or class of second of construction of engineering of geological calamity prevention and cure reach the effective battalion afforestation that has administration to be in charge of sectional nucleus to send above aptitude or urban park afforest 3 class and above aptitude;
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